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Founded in 1882 in Elkhart, Indiana, E U specialized in a curriculum of medical and dental technologies. During its many years of existence it became one of the preeminent proprietary institutions of its kind in the United States, producing graduates to staff clinical and hospital laboratories throughout the Midwest and beyond.
E U was fully accredited by the Indiana Commission for Post Secondary Proprietary Education, and graduates of the medical laboratory technology curriculum were eligible to take the American Medical Technologist Registry examination.
Some of the graduates from the dental technology department, which is a true art form unto itself, went on to develop and perfect revolutionary new procedures that are being used by dental labs across the country.
The main campus building was a large Victorian four storey structure located at 516 S. Main St. in Elkhart, where it remains today. Although it has been lowered to three floors, it retains much of the early character. The laboratories were situated in buildings adjacent to the main, and the largest of those is now non-extant.
Memories of the old lecture rooms that had a charm only time could create, gave the students a feeling of belonging to a fine institution that had always been, and would always be. The laboratories were supplied with the newest apparatus and reagents available, but the rooms themselves had that same old warmth that made you want to delay graduation.
The founder of the University was Dr. H. A. Mumaw. In 1917 Dr. Mumaw sold the school to Mr. Ira Elliot who would serve as its president until 1938. At that time Mr. Harvey B. Elliot assumed the office and his term was from 1938 to 1961. In that year, Mr. J. Richard Miller began a long presidency which lasted until 1985. Subsequent to Mr. Miller's administration, it was under the direction of Mr. D. Letsche when in December of 1986 the students went home for Christmas break, and due to insurmountable financial difficulties, the school never reopened.
After 104 years of graduating well trained young scientific technologists, Elkhart University was no more. The only known existing repository of information regarding the old school remains in the Elkhart Public Library Archives, and in the hearts and minds of some of the known alumni which are listed below; Photos to follow

Mr. Nilas Sanders, dental dept.
Mr. Jeff Bishop, dental dept.
Mr. Clif Chute, dental dept.
Mr. Milton Decker, dental dept.
Mr. James Emmons, dental dept.
Mr. Tom Huesman, dental dept.
Mr. Paul Ollier, dental dept.
Mr. Jerry Plunkett, dental dept.
Mr. Ron Shank, dental dept.
Mrs. Nancy Lutrey Shriver, medical dept.
Mrs. Gloria Jarrett Smith, dental dept.
Dr. Robert Mohr Wyndham, medical dept.
Mr. David Keith Ransdell, medical dept.
Ms. Sandra Blue Christy, medical dept.